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About me

My name is Florian Berthier. I am 18 years old and i live in Lyon. I am studying computer science since one year.



I am, above all, passionate about computer science. I'm particularly interested in coding even if other parts of computing such as cybersecurity interests me a lot about the job I want to do later. I also love music, video games and all the new technologies.


I currently code mainly in C. This is certainly not the most used language but it is the basis of many other languages, which allows me to quickly learn other languages. I know how to code in HTML, CSS, python. I also know some basics in java, php and mysql.


I'm still not sure what I want to do after my studies, but I direct myself more in the field of cybersecurity at the moment.


I am currently studying at Epitech, school innovation and computer expertise. My course is composed of five years, the fourth year is spent abroad and the fifth year happens in Paris

2016 - First real work experience

I was hired as an Assistant in
a primary school in the town of Meyzieu for a month.

2016 - Bachelor's degree

I got my Science Graduate with good science in the high school Charlie Chaplin with option science of engineering, European section, specialty computing and digital.

2014 - Cambridge diploma

I've graduated from Cambridge. It is a certification of the level of English.

2013 - Patent

I got patent to Evariste Galois with the honors college.


This is some project that i did or that i am doing.